Math Tour -

The Math Game For iPhone and iPad


The unlock code consists of the first letters to the answers to the following questions:\n1. Roman god of the sea\n2. Famous painter of ducks\n3. Theorem of ... (a²+b²=c²)\n4. Lived from 1452 to 1519\nDer Freischalt-Code besteht aus den ersten Buchstaben der Antworten auf die folgenden Fragen:\n1. Römischer Gott des Meeres\n2. Berühmter Zeichner von Enten\n3. Satz des ... (a²+b²=c²)\n4. Lebte von 1452 bis 1519


Train your skills by solving mathematical problems.

While doing so you travel through different countries. The more problems you solve the longer your route will be. During your journey you will face varying addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. While solving the problems you will expose a beautiful picture of the location. If all problems in a level have been solved you will proceed to the next location.

You start your tour with North America and can proceed to Europe and Oceania.

With Math-Tour you enhance your calculation skills with fun. This game is for all who love to play math games.



  1. -Available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

  2. -Includes level especially for Kids

  3. -Single-Player Mode

  4. -Multiplayer Mode

  5. -Career Mode

  6. -Online Leaderboards / Game Center

  7. -Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division

  8. -Fractions, factorials and Roman numerals

  9. -Individual Handicaps in Multiplayer Mode

  10. -High Scores

  11. -Bonus Level

  12. -Time Bonus

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